Escape the Mud Tournament I


We’re looking for a few influential teens…

to compete in our first annual Escape the Mud Tournament at the Stratton Escape Room in Winhall, Vermont. We are accepting one team (4 to 8 people) from each of the southern Vermont high schools to complete in our tournament FREE OF CHARGE within the month of April. The winner receives a little bit of fame, bragging rights, tickets to a second game at our facility, and a pizza party on us.

If you haven’t yet heard of escape rooms, we’ll give you a brief primer. They are brainy games in which participants are “locked” in a themed room and given sixty minutes to escape by uncovering clues, solving riddles, and otherwise breaking the “code”. The Stratton Escape Room is mentally challenging but family appropriate. Not everyone escapes in time, but most everyone has a lot of fun trying.

There is no cost to participate in this tournament, but we are looking for some help. The purpose of our outreach is to try an educate more local Vermonters about our game. Therefore, we are seeking the young and influential, computer savvy and gregarious, talkative and fun-seeking folks to help spread the news. In short, we are trying to find folks who know lots of people and will tell everyone about the Stratton Escape Room. If you take on our challenge, we humbly ask the following from you:

  1. Each player likes our Facebook/Instagram pages

  2. Each player shares our Facebook/Instagram pages with friends (and suggests that they like us too)

  3. Each player tells at least twenty other people about the Stratton Escape Room (and our Tuesday Local’s Night)

  4. Each player agrees to be photographed and posted on our Facebook/Instagram/Web pages

  5. Each player provides a signed parental waiver and permission slip (if under 18)


There are three parts to the scoring process:

  1. FASTEST TIME: The team who escapes in the least amount of time wins. Each requested hint adds five minutes to the total time.

    (1st place=100pts, 2nd place=90pts, 3rd place=80pts, 4th place=70pts, 5th place=60pts, 6th place=50pts, 7th place=40pts, 8th place=30pts, 9th place=20pts, 10th place=10pts.)

  2. BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT: The team who comes dressed with the most impressive collection of school logos, colors, mascots, and other obvious emblems of their school wins. The Stratton Escape Room will be the judge. See above for scores.

  3. MOST APPLAUSE: We will take your photo apres-game and post it on our own Facebook page. Every like the team receives will be equivalent to one person clapping and also one point.


Each participant must register HERE.

All team members must select the same date and time and sign up individually on the same time slot. Write us with questions. Parents, we regularly have children play our games and all are family friendly. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns. 802-688-5009.