Places to Shop

Need a snack to stay focused? Visit these lovely stores and find a discount code for 18% off of your general admission ticket.


Winhall Market is full service country store carrying a wide range of merchandise appropriate for second homeowners and vacation clientele as well as the local community. The market carries everything from basic groceries to gourmet foods including all natural and organic. 

D&K's Grocery

D&K's Jamaica Grocery is a family- run grocery store with an extensive inventory. Focusing on providing quality groceries, VT products, fresh meat, produce, wine and beer. As well as our homemade pies,cakes desserts, soups, sandwiches and more.

Stratton mountain market

Conveniently located in the Village up at Stratton, the Stratton Mountain Market offers everything you need while you stay on-mountain. Offering a wide variety of meats, produce, beer, wine, snacks, pre-made meals, health and beauty and so much more!