This is something completely different.


We will put you in a closed room with an assortment of people, a handful of locked cases, and a smattering of clues and riddles, and offer you sixty minutes to plot your escape.

Would you do it? Could you solve it? WILL YOU TRY IT?

Come to the Stratton Escape Room in Winhall, Vermont. It's a new, cooperative, mind game. It's clean, family fun. Our rooms are professionally curated and completely unique. You have never seen the likes of them before.


If you need a break from the everyday doldrums, and you are ready to expand your mind and challenge your wits, then book at date at the Stratton Escape Room today.

Whether or not you win the game, it will be an hour you will never forget.

Ready to take the challenge?

Could YOU escape?


the botanist

Dr. Phinneas Slivverwort was a quiet man, a recluse. A botanist by trade, he found comfort in the company of plants. There were few people, if any, that he trusted with his secrets. So when he discovered a miraculous living seed of a plant that had been long-since extinct, he told no-one, choosing to hide it in his laboratory under lock, key, and clue. Upon his disappearance, his notes revealed  that the seed had important medicinal properties and tremendous value, but its whereabouts are unknown.


the ski chalet

The year is 1978 and Stratton is heavy with Austrian influence. Emo Henrich is the beloved Ski School director and leader to the popular oompah band, the Stratton Mountain Boys. The World Cup has just come and gone in a flurry of glory leaving memories of Ingemar Stenmark and the Mahre brothers in its wake. But just as the last of the race gates are put away, a scandal descends upon Stratton. The iconic ski school bell is missing and everyone is blaming poor Emo. Did he take it or was he framed?


Try to Beat the Bootleggers Box

Only $5 a person for 30 minutes of fun. Good for 2 to 4 players. Race to find the sweet prize in the center of the box. Consider this as an add-on to your regular escape room experience.

As an added incentive, find the prize at the center of the box in 15 minutes or less and receive ONE FREE TICKET to a future escape room experience.

(Limit: one free ticket per team).