Our love of treasure hunts is what started us up in this business. For Erica it dates back to her early childhood where often times presents were not given but earned after following long and complicated series of clues. (This was especially true for Easter Baskets.) Erica's father is a fantastic clue writer, famous for obscure and heady hints. He still offers creative contributions that we use in the Escape Room to this day. Famously, he wrote the pithy “McCarthy’s bane” clue. Naturally the follow-up clue was hidden in the only red tulip in the garden. Can our followers tell us why? Somehow the young Erica and sister Alix once did, and well before the Internet.

The entire family was fond of made-up, intellectual parlor games and puzzles of all kinds. We all did crosswords, solved cryptograms, and subscribed to Games magazine. It should also be said that early on, Erica fell in love with the challenges submitted by Kit William in his books, "Masquerade" and "The Golden Hare." By the time she conquered the riddle, however, the prizes had already been long found. This may explain why she has always dreamed of creating her own international treasure hunt, with clues surreptitiously hidden in the nostrils of large, public sculptures, deep in the recesses of caves, upon a bolt of the Eiffel tower, or perhaps behind a pyramid's brick. She imagines that this might take years to make and even longer for the player to finish. Someday it is going to happen, so stay tuned. Rob, it should be mentioned, represents the other side of the SER equation. He married into this treasure hunting insanity and has been more than happy to play along. Additionally, he supplies the technical genius behind many of the more complicated clues in the Escape Room so we keep him around. His smiling face may be the first you see when you arrive at the Escape Room door.

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Stratton Escape Room will create treasure hunts to order for your large or small occasion. Give us some time and we will create a hunt for any age group from children's parties to corporate events. As the ultimate cooperative game, it can be a great ice-breaker or team builder.


We can't resist offering free challenges to whomever will take them. With some frequency, we will announce contests on our Facebook page. Sometimes it will be a find-and-seek scenario. Other times it will be a creative challenge. Either way, we will offer prizes: discount or free tickets.


We have created a traveling "Escape Box" for rent at parties and events. This is a miniaturized version of the escape room with its own theme, meant to be solved in 15 to 20 minutes. We will offer multiple timed sessions of 2-3 people per time with the potential to hide prizes within.