Traveling Escape Box

escape box.jpg

the best parlor game of all…

Having a party? Consider hiring the "Bootlegger's Box." Accommodating up to twelve guests per hour, it is the ultimate mystery game that is sure to liven up the party.

The first challenge is to locate the one clue that unlocks the box. Inside, your guests will find unusual tools, hidden drawers, strange objects, and in sticking with the theme, vintage plans of a do-it-yourself whiskey still. Up to three players (per session) are allotted twenty minutes to crack the code and find the final prize. As party host, you will provide the prize that is stored inside. It can be anything that can fit within a 3x5x2" box (candy, gift cards, money, a sweet note...) An additional prize for the fastest time might also be offered, in the spirit of healthy competition.

Pricing: $100 for the first hour (set up is on us), $60 each additional hour. $20/hour for travel if the location is further than 25 miles from our home base. As Game Masters, we will stay and facilitate the box for the entire duration. If this does not accommodate enough people for your occasion, consider hiring us to develop a custom, pop-up Escape Room just for you.